Richard maintains a passion for hockey that has spanned both his personal life and his consulting career of over 30 years.  Following his passion has led him to develop a unique expertise in hockey, from helping young players to find their identity and face the challenges of “going up the system”, to coaching professionals, to building comprehensive mental performance training programs for hockey academies. Developing high performance in hockey is both a personal and professional passion for Richard.

Individual Performance Coaching

Hockey demands that all the players contribute at their maximum capacity. To achieve this level of performance, individual players must build confidence and self-belief to deliver their full potential.  

Through individually tailored performance coaching, Richard helps young aspiring players as well as professionals to unlock their potential and maximize their performance on and off the ice.  Richard teaches them how to be resilient and implement mental techniques and attitudes that lead to continuous growth and development.

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Group Presentations for teams, coaches, parents, and associations

From his work at all levels of hockey and sport, Richard knows that player development requires a systemic approach . This is why he has designed and delivered presentations to guide all levels of minor hockey organizations in developing purposeful, resilient, and complete players.

Richard adapts his presentations and keynotes to suit a variety of hockey audiences. His most popular topics are listed below, but he also delivers custom presentations according to individual needs.

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Some Topics


Designed for players and teams, Richard shares knowledge and tools to enable players to focus their energy wisely and enhance their development, performance, and enjoyment of the game.


Designed for coaches, this presentation demystifies the mental game of hockey and shows coaches how to help their players develop their own sense of purpose, resilience, and confidence.


Designed for boards of directors, coaches, parents, and stakeholders within minor hockey organizations, Richard shares ways to promote greater alignment toward a common purpose of developing “hockey players for life.”

The purpose of anyone involved in hockey development is to guide players in achieving their full potential physically, technically, psychologically, and emotionally. When these pieces come together, young players grow a love of the game that drives them for a lifetime. This is the kind of love and passion that leads to success at the junior, college, and professional levels. This is why I have been referring players and hockey organizations to Richard’s coaching and speaking for over 20 years. His understanding of sports and human development as well as his knowledge of all levels of hockey makes him a key and valued resource
Tyson Davis
Executive Director, Hyland Hills Hockey Association, Colorado
After last season (U13) we knew Harry needed the mental strength and confidence that would match his physical abilities to progress in the elite hockey world. Richard first helped Harry clarify his purpose in hockey. Then he helped Harry identify his goals for the immediate and the future. He also taught Harry how to eliminate his fears of making mistakes and how to react like a PRO to challenging situations. Harry now knows that one bad play or one bad game does NOT define who he is as a player or a person and how to improve from mistakes. This has helped him become a stronger, more confident and more resilient player and person.
Kathy Frangiskakis
Mom of Harry, a 14 years old elite hockey player


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