Richard is a gifted storyteller with a responsive approach to public speaking in the area of human and organizational performance.

In his presentations and keynote addresses, Richard delivers experiential messages. He engages his audience with statements and questions that invite curiousity and reflection, and he invites playful participation through a variety of simple games and exercises that deepen audience understanding.

Businesses and organizations that have an affinity with sport and performance especially enjoy his presentations. Attendees and participants frequently comment that they find his speaking inspiring.

Richard always adapts his presentations and keynotes to suit a variety of business, education, health and sport audiences. Contact Richard to learn more.

Some topics:

Purpose Mapping –  A process to success 

Using real-life examples of how “Purpose Mapping” has helped athletes he coached succeed at the highest levels of competition, Richard shares how to build and use your own purpose map to success.

5 Rules to achieve your potential

Based on his 30+ years of experience, Richard shares what he has learned to be the golden rules to fulfilling one’s full potential in sport, business and life.

The Confidence Formula

Confidence is critical to success, yet confidence is elusive.  In this presentation, Richard shares simple ways to develop confidence in all aspects of life, business and sports. 

Richard Monette is a brilliant and powerful speaker.
Cheryl Ashton
Executive Director, National Screen Institute–Canada
Esteemed Sport Psychology Consultant Richard Monette closed the Mandeville’s 2022 conference titled “Level Up”. We hired Richard to help our financial advisors learn how to fulfill their potential and achieve their goals. Though his session “Purpose Mapping – How Olympic and World Champions athletes Level Up” Richard really delivered on his promise and shared simple yet powerful knowledge and tools to help our advisors improve their performance.

In his conversational style, Richard’s told real-life anecdotes that helped us understand the critical elements of achieving peak performance in business and life. As well, Richard really hit the mark in how he adapted his “Purpose Mapping” tool to Mandeville’s specific needs. Our advisors were fully engaged in Richard’s presentation and left with a simple and powerful tool to help them “Level-Up” and fulfill their potential.

Richard is a gifted storyteller with a real-life approach to public speaking on the topic of human and organizational performance. We highly recommend Richard.
Diana Oddi
Director of Marketing, Communications and Practice Management for Mandeville Private Client Inc.


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    THE GIFT: A Journey to a Better Score in Golf and Life

    The Gift book cover

    Tom Morrison once showed the potential to become a great professional golfer. Now, years after abandoning his playing career, he goes on a quest to discover the secrets of one of golf’s most extraordinary performers, the legendary Irving Pirsig. From his perspective as an Olympic sport psychology coach and a single digit handicap, Monette’s novel will entertain and inspire all golfers.

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