Richard is an accomplished performance coach who has helped elite athletes win medals and business leaders overcome corporate and personal challenges.

Combining 30 years of expertise and credentials in sport psychology, education and business, Richard has coached athletes and leaders on how to succeed under pressure at the highest levels.

Richard helps his clients unlock their potential and maximize their performance in their chosen field.

Improving performance is complex. It can be stressful. Richard helps to make the process simple and successful.

An expert on the science and art of performance across many disciplines, Richard will help you be purposeful in their quest for success.

Through his Purpose Mapping, you will discover:

  1. True purpose— a powerful and streamlined expression of the success you desire.
  2. The critical success factors you need to deliver on your purpose.
  3. The specific behaviours required to achieve your success factors.
  4. The exact measures that will demonstrate your ultimate success.

Richard has coached and consulted with organizational leaders in many industries. Richard has also coached many elite athletes to improve their mental game: World champion ski racer Eric Guay, X-Games champion Spencer O’brien, and Olympic Champion Justin Kripps, and also specializes in coaching young rising athletes like Molly Simpson, Canadian BMX champion.

Richard, I want to thank you for your coaching over the years. I consider the start of us working together to be an inflection point in my career that led to my success. When I look back, I’m so grateful I was guided in your direction – working on my mental performance became the most important piece of the puzzle for me. I had thought before working with you that I was naturally strong mentally and it was something I didn’t need to work on! Now it’s a story I tell people, about how important it is to work on your mental skills and abilities.

All my biggest moments as an athlete came down to the absolute slimmest of margins, and the pressure was massive. This passed Olympic games in Beijing, where we won the 4man bronze medal, I remember the second day being the absolute pinnacle of pressure that I had ever felt in my career. More than our gold medal in South Korea, it took every tool I had, every bit of mental ability to manage to walk out to the start line with a clear and calm mind and let myself perform at my optimal level, and I know for sure that if I hadn’t prepared the way I did with your help over the years it wouldn’t have been possible.
Justin Kripps
Olympic Champion bobsled pilot
Richard helped me see my mind as a tool, a tool that I could train and sharpen, just like my physical and technical abilities. This allowed me to improve further and perform at my potential in the latter stages of my career, and win a second world championship.
Erik Guay
World cup and World Champion ski racer


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