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Do you feel like you are achieving less than your best? Richard can help you to be better through an innovative approach that has already helped hundreds of elite athletes, managers, and business organizations to achieve more.

Despite carefully crafted mission statements and visioning goals, or wishful personal affirmations, many organizations and individuals still struggle to realize their potential. The reason is simple: They haven’t defined their real aims and fundamental motives for doing what they do. Through a unique Purpose Mapping process, Richard helps you to define your goals and to understand why you do what you do. He then guides you in discovering the processes, tasks and attitudes you need to achieve sustained high performance and the success you want.

Improving performance is complex. It can be stressful. Richard helps to make the process simple and successful. Through Purpose Mapping, his clients discover:

  1. True purpose—a powerful and streamlined expression of the success they desire.
  2. The critical success factors needed to deliver on their purpose.
  3. The specific behaviours required to achieve their success factors.
  4. The exact measures that will demonstrate final success.

The Purpose Map reveals what, why and how to change—because without change, improvement isn’t possible. See Richard’s workshops and performance coaching to learn more.

“To be purposeful means to develop the ability to focus your energy on the things that matter…”

Richard Monette

purpose mapping diagram
The Purpose Mapping process was an important moment for us. Our Purpose defines what is important to us and keeps our eyes on what is meaningful, it provides direction, clarity and energy as we desire to express our contribution and impact with the key clients we serve.

With the Purpose Map on our desks, we are able to maintain commitment and focus as we endeavor to better understand, and meet, the needs, desires and wants of our partners.
Dale Henwood
President & CEO Canadian Sport Institute Calgary
Esteemed Sport Psychology Consultant Richard Monette closed the Mandeville’s 2022 conference titled “Level Up”. We hired Richard to help our financial advisors learn how to fulfill their potential and achieve their goals. Though his session “Purpose Mapping – How Olympic and World Champions athletes Level Up” Richard really delivered on his promise and shared simple yet powerful knowledge and tools to help our advisors improve their performance.

In his conversational style, Richard’s told real-life anecdotes that helped us understand the critical elements of achieving peak performance in business and life. As well, Richard really hit the mark in how he adapted his “Purpose Mapping” tool to Mandeville’s specific needs. Our advisors were fully engaged in Richard’s presentation and left with a simple and powerful tool to help them “Level-Up” and fulfill their potential.

Richard is a gifted storyteller with a real-life approach to public speaking on the topic of human and organizational performance. We highly recommend Richard.
Diana Oddi
Director of Marketing, Communications and Practice Management for Mandeville Private Client Inc.


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